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The people 

The Manifesto is an effect of the Great Taste Zero Waste project, which has been developed over the last several years. The first workshop of the Waste project was held in February 2020. Since then, we have gone strong, gathering experts from the culinary and food waste sectors.

We were joined by gastronomy professionals from the participating countries of the Baltic Region: Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. It is on their knowledge and experience that the Manifesto guidelines and tips are based, and formulated in close dialogue with HoReCa representatives.  


With the Manifesto, we wish to create an open platform for HoReCa professionals to seek and exchange knowledge of best practices also in their local languages. 


Aida Čepukaitė

Owner of HBH Vilnius , member of the Association of Lithuanian Chefs and Confectioners, Lithuania 

Stella Kurik

Part of the Estonian Chef Association and sous chef at Fotografiska restaurant in Tallinn, Estonia

Mette Schellerup Gotfredsen

Sustainability Consultant in the Capital Region of Copenhagen, Denmark

Jakub Emanuel Malec

Food Waste Manager in Żabka Group, Poland 

Paula Capodistrias

Member of the FEBAs board and Chairman of its Governance Committee, Norway

Filip Lundin

Founder and CEO of Sopköket, Sweden

Elīna Kolāte

Environmental journalist and sustainability expert, Latvia

Katarzyna Młynarczyk

Service Designer, Co-owner of the circular economy startup Rebread, Poland

Project team: 

Ewa Rzeszowska

European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food

Julia Ślifirczyk 

Assistant at EIT Food

Artis Dobrovoļskis

Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Ulrik Lundager
Assistant at Danish Cultural Institute in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania


Ewa Rzeszowska

European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food

Liene Lesiņa

Graphic Designer, Helve

The structure 

The Manifesto consists of guidelines and practical tips coming from experts and gastronomy professionals who have worked to reduce food waste in their respective regions. The content was tailored to HoreCa representatives and tested by professionals. 

The in-depth view of food waste and the identification of the critical areas where the food waste originates are the starting point. What follows are structural and practical tools to prevent waste, to form like-minded networks of professionals, influence legislation, and raise awareness. All with the aim of building a more sustainable food system and culture around it. 

What is the GTZW Manifesto?

The Great Taste - Zero Waste Manifesto is a free guide created in close collaboration with gastronomy professionals and experts from the Baltic Sea Region, based on their business practice and expert knowledge. Take your practice in the food industry to the next level using its guidelines on how to prevent and reduce food waste. Let us change the perspective on food waste and unleash its untapped potential. It is high time we put our resources to work, to build value and create… great taste! 

The Manifesto is a fruit of the Great Taste – Zero Waste collaboration project. It was launched in February 2020 to promote sustainable food culture and provide solutions to minimize food waste. 


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GTZW Manifesto
Launch event 
April 20, 2023

Representatives from 7 Baltic Sea Region countries launched the Great Taste - Zero Waste Manifesto, a toolkit to combat food waste in the HoReCa sector. The event addressed the cross-national issue, by bringing together experts and kitchen professionals to share knowledge and to promote international cooperation.


Highlights from the event: 

Inga Belousa, an expert in sustainable development education from the Latvian NGO Green Liberty, stressed the importance of using available resources more effectively to improve food availability and security worldwide.    

Mette Schellerup Gotfredsen and Paula Capodistria broke down the main causes of food waste in kitchens – presenting striking statistics. Following up, Filip Lundin and Katarzyna Młynarczyk used real-life examples from their practices to explain the relevance of the Manifesto’s main guidelines. 

In the second half of the event a panel discussion brought together chefs and sustainability experts. Serving as an open platform for sharing experiences and practical tips for implementing sustainable practices in kitchens.  

Overall, the Great Taste – Zero Waste Manifesto provides an important framework and practical tools for businesses to make positive changes towards reducing food waste, which is crucial for the sustainability of the food industry and the planet.   

Join us and dive into the insightful world of combatting food waste in the HoReCa sector. Click here to uncover valuable knowledge, expert discussions, and innovative solutions that will leave you inspired and ready to make a difference.

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